pump exerciser

Testing your pump on a regular basis is one of the most important steps in flood control. Unfortunately most pumps never get tested until its to late, resulting in costly flood damage. The Pump Exerciser self tests your pump once a week to offer the peace of mind of knowing your pump ready for the next big storm and capable of keeping your basement dry.

Its easy to install and works with almost any pump...  


It’s not a matter of if your sump pump will fail, it is a matter of when!  The difference between knowing and not knowing your pump failed is a flooded basement. This easy to use, simple to install high water alarm will send you a text and email message whenever your basement is at risk of flooding so you can fix the problem before costly damage occurs..

Unlike complicated App based alarms or units that charge you a monthly fee, FLOODPROTEXT is easy to install and the 24/7 monitoring is absolutely free!




It's more than

just a alarm!

SumpTek alarms will notify you of potential flooding even when your not home! We believe that an alarm is one of the most essential parts of flood prevention.  Most pump equipment is usually in a basement, utility room, or tucked away in areas that are often out of sight and out of mind.  Alarms are the only way of warning you before costly flood damage occurs.